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You can use an equity release scheme to help you release tax-free cash from your home. You can release either a lump sum or a monthly income.

Why use Equity Release Solutions


We have advisers you can trust

Here at Equity Release Solutions we’re totally impartial and focus on finding the perfect mortgage to suit you.


Our Independent Status

Being an independent mortgage broker means we have a unique ability to search the whole of the market to get the best mortgage for our clients and their individual situation.


We Give Personal, Expert Advice

We work around your schedule to help you arrange a mortgage that suits your circumstances, no matter how complex.


We work to your schedule

we deal with lenders on your behalf, so everything from paperwork to negotiation is stress-free.

Why use Equity Release Solutions

Instant quotes

Answer a few simple questions & discover how much you could borrow or save in 60 seconds.

Your perfect deal

Our Mortgage Advisers learns more about you, compares every lender & find your perfect deal.

Expert advice

Chat with a friendly member of our team to confirm & finalise everything.

Your mortgage sorted

We submit your application, handle all the hard work and keep you updated until your mortgage completes.

Equity Can't be released if there is an outstanding mortgage

You can pay off your mortgage with a lifetime mortgage. This can be done either through the equity you release or by other means.

You must stay in the same property for the rest of your life

With most lifetime mortgages, you can move home and transfer the loan to the new property providing it meets the lenders terms and criteria. A partial payment may be required.

You'll leave a debt to your family

Providing the terms and conditions are met, no debt is left to your estate and you’ll never owe more than the value of your home once sold upon death or permanently moving into long term care. All plans we recommend feature a ‘No Negative Equity Guarantee’. This mean.

Who are the main providers

All equity release quotes are sourced from the whole of market, which means we include all the equity release providers that will quote for the options you require. Some of the providers are Aviva, Legal and General, LV and Canada Life.

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